Our consultancy method is focused on the Key Success Factors, helping to solve the real problems that affect the company or brand, and concentrating on what is important.


Because it is dynamic and interactive, this model measures the permanent control of strategies formulation and implementation, allowing the company to detect and correct, in real time, any deviations from their objectives.

1. Marketing Audit

Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing their attention on customers. The first step to turn this vision into reality consists of putting in practice a marketing audit, answering, for instance:

  • What’s the role and importance of the Marketing Department in the company?
  • Is there real cooperation between Sales and Marketing?
  • Does the company collect the right information? What’s the quality of that information?
  • Does the company put into practice the correct procedures to develop its marketing strategy and activities (eg. Marketing Plan, Launching new products, Evaluating Marketing Campaigns, etc…)?

2. Brand Strategy

PC&A specializes in helping companies to define brand strategies.
In Marketing it is crucial to guarantee coherence and consistence. Coherence because every aspect that affects the brand image must be synchronized with strategy. Consistence because a brand is built according to a given time, and must be updated accondingly.

Our response is to react in a pragmatic and effectiveness way, considering brand positioning and searching for an opportunity in the market to make it unique.

We created and developed a Brand Identity function to ensure a visual response to brand positioning or new branding projects.

3. Marketing Planning

PC&A works with its clients in order to improve their Marketing Planning in different ways:

  • Developing strategic and operational marketing plans, in order to identity and maximize the companies competitive advantages;
  • Conceiving marketing planning systems adapted to the real needs of each company or industry;
  • Evaluating  marketing plans, recommending improvements and generating a better process to develop them.