The importance of Understanding the Markets is a very important step in defining the right Marketing Strategy. PC&A has developed various market research studies in 3 Main Areas.

1. Brand Image

PC&A specializes in market research about Brand Positioning, acting in a proactive way, by defining a correct repositioning strategy that could provide a Competitive Advantage for the brand or the company. Consequently, it’s necessary to evaluate the company or brand perceived quality, in order to differentiate it from the competitors, according to this model.


2. Customer Satisfaction

Many companies say they offer a high quality product or service. However companies need to prove it to their markets. The first step to improve customer loyalty is to obtain a high satisfaction level. Applied both to product and services included in the Marketing Offer, companies need to obtain an immediate snapshot of the product / service performance in order to correct their policies immediately.

3. Monitoring Performance

To reinforce customer loyalty, companies should guarantee good performance on customer service in their point-of-sales (stores, distributors, etc….wherever the brand is present). The main objective of this methodology consists of measuring point-of-sales performance, such as Service Quality and Merchandinsing Management. There are two typical ways to do this:

– Formal – through collecting information directly from point-of-sales;

– Mystery Client – pursuing the same objective, in a unknown way.