Management is the result of Behavior and Knowledge of people who have the responsibility to decide and execute. It’s the capability of improving knowledge that contributes to adapting the environmental changes and makes the difference between failure and success.

Those are the 2 Main Areas of Coaching:

1.Business Coaching

Business Coaching methodology consists on a phased model (collecting, compiling and Managing the qualitative and quantitative information that supports Sales and Marketing Metrics) in order to help managers to make better decisions and develop Value Creation for Customers.
At the end of a Business Coaching project, is expected to reach the follow objectives:

  • Identification of the key success factors to the company / brand through the monitoring of their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Perception of the whole problem, offering industry know-how and identifying the “best practices”.
  • Implementing new ways of “thinking business”, acting through a permanent differentiation.

2. Marketing & Sales Management Coaching

Consists on a complete and better method to improve executive performances (Management Team, Marketing& Sales Teams), according to the company objectives. This permanent coaching defined by specific goals should constitute a crucial part of the efforts of any company, when the objective is to achieve excellence on Marketing and Sales.