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What we do


  • Development of strategic and commercial marketing plans;
  • Evaluation and monitoring of marketing business plans and recommendations for improvements;
  • Marketing audits and assessment of the company’s degree of focus on its customers, as well as the functioning of its marketing department;
  • Creation and design of solutions for brand image, and development of communication plans;
  • Design and optimization of control maps for commercial management of clients;
  • Design of commercial strategies and incentive models adapted to sales campaigns.


Marketing Strategy & Planning


Building a system based on the profitability and competitiveness of the business is a challenging and potentially rewarding process.

A good strategic marketing plan starts from an adequate analysis of internal and external trends, a well developed segmentation process, a unique positioning and a careful systematization of the actions to be developed.

Brand Management


The central objective of a Brand Management process is to build a system based on the projection of the brand image among its target audiences, in view of the strategic guidelines. Some applications of this process involve:

• Identification of the main marketing strategies based on the positioning of the company’s brand portfolio;

• Creation of an Action matrix and a Strategic Communication Plan for Brand Management.

Brand in a Box

The entire process of building or improving the brand image is based on the collection of detailed information on various aspects of the business and the intended positioning in the market. PC&A developed a methodological plan for the creation of brands, design and the respective communication plan, divided into 3 phases, which consists of implementing:
Creation of the Brand, Concept and Positioning, which is the essential parameter for the definition of…
Creation of the Brand Image and respective rules for the application of corporate identity, which allows the replica of the brand through…
Brand Communication Plan in Physical and Digital Media.

Customer Marketing Analytics


It is essential to measure commercial performance based on a battery of indicators that clearly adapts to the sector of activity and that allows to understand the entire analytical component of customers, but above all, to implement effective customization actions, whether marketing or commercial.

• ABC customer analysis

• Customer pyramids

• Customer Value Indicators

• Commercial Management KPI’s in Prospecting and Loyalty

Marketing Audit


An increasing number of companies are pursuing a “customer centricity” logic. The first step in turning this vision into reality is to audit the company’s relationship with its customers and the functioning of the commercial and marketing department. The most common questions in a marketing audit process are:

• Does the whole company have a supporting role in the process of creating value for the customer?

• Is there complete complementarity between Marketing and Sales?

• Does the company gather the correct information? What is the quality of the information?

• Does the value promise match what is actually delivered to customers?

• Does the company put in place correct procedures in the development of marketing actions? (eg Marketing Plan, Product Development, Communication Campaign Evaluation).

• Is the attitude and action of the sales force oriented towards maximizing the value delivered to customers?